Weather Watcher Live

Weather Watcher Live 7.2

Watch the weather conditions of the world live with this program

As its name implies, this program lets you watch the current state of the weather in real time with data from different weather stations around the world. By default, it uses your computer's location to display the weather information from the weather station nearer from you. You can set it to update this information every hour, day, or month.

When you start the program, it shows a map of your region and its current climate conditions. It also shows weather forecasts both for the next morning or evening, as well as hourly forecasts using easily readable icons, as well as temperature forecasts for the next parts of the day. A disadvantage is that temperatures are shown in degrees Fahrenheit only, so if you are most familiar with the Celsius system, you will need to make the conversions.

The program also has links to different weather-related sites where you can watch videos, photos, read blogs, watch webcams from around the world, and so on. You can also watch maps, weather alerts, and more. In sum, this program can be useful for farmers, frequent travelers, and also for the common users who want to know the weather forecasts before leaving home.

To use the shareware version of the program, you need to register a valid e-mail address to receive an activation link. You can use this version during 30 days. If you like it and want to use it longer, then you will need to pay for any of its subscription modalities; it has one-, two-, or three-year subscription plans. Also, you can pay a lifetime subscription that, although not very affordable, lets you use the program without any time limitations.

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  • Useful for farmers, frequent travelers and for the common citizen
  • Nice interface and features


  • You need to be connected to the Internet to get the data in real time
  • It is subscription-based,although it has a lifetime subscription plan that lets you use the program without time limitations by paying a one-time fee
  • Temperature is shown only in degrees Farenheit
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